About Humanity Elements LLC

Humanity Elements LLC is a company designed to connect individuals, leaders, and teams to the collaborative dynamic that comes from having a personal coach and leadership development trainer. The following distinct services are offered through “A Coaching Element” and “A Marriage Element”:

  • Individual and group coaching
  • Individual and group assessment and debriefing
  • Leadership and team development 

Humanity Elements LLC value connecting with people in a cooperative process to help them identify how their inner passions align with their outer goals and desires. Each Elements service encapsulates the essence of serving, connecting, and partnering with humanity. Our mission is to engage humanity one human at a time.

A Coaching Element serves individuals, leaders, and teams by partnering with them to maximize their goals. Humans are free to create, think, and change in ways that encourage growth. The dynamic of this coaching approach helps individuals, leaders, and teams achieve their goals through trust and intimacy building, intentionality, listening, and engagement. Within this element we partner with clients by encouraging introspection and communication. Communication is key to accountability for setting goals. A Coaching Element is a symbiotic relational process between coach and clients that promotes self-actualization and aligns inner passions with outer goals for individuals, leaders, and team members. It is comprised of the following:

  • A Coaching Element – Bringing Energy to Life.
    • Assess how an individual or leader “shows up” in different situations.
      • Take the Energy Leadership Index assessment.
      • Learn your individual energetic profile.
      • Discover the seven levels of energy.
      • Assess your “energy” around specific tasks and leadership.
      • “Show up” just how you want to in any situation.
    • Live your fullest leadership and team member potential.
      • Take the Everything DiSC assessment.
      • Learn your personal DiSC style(s).
      • Discover how your personal style interfaces with team members.


Humanity Elements LLC engage people in a collaborative process and align their inner passions with their outer desires to help them maximize their goals.


Engaging and inspiring humanity for the development of humankind.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is coaching?

According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (iPEC Coach Training Manual 1, 2022, p. 5).


What is Life and Leadership coaching?

Life and Leadership coaching offers:

  • Career (helping individuals find and reach their career goals)
  • Academic (working with college students to resolve issues such as deciding on majors/minors, improving academic performance, and with general college success)
  • Marriage (assisting married women to enhance their marriage relationships with their husbands individually and in group coaching)
  • Leadership (working with leaders in academic and corporate organizations to help them actualize their next level of leadership while assisting them to become effective and emotionally intelligent leaders).

How many sessions are required for successful coaching?

I offer a one-time coaching consulting session for $25 after which I work with clients to assess their coaching needs.

The custom coaching sessions are a tailored, nine session package (please see price list) that allows clients time to process, grow, and make changes that help them progress to a new level of consciousness and excellence.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Each coaching session is between one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.

How much do coaching sessions cost?

Please see my price list for the package and individual prices.

What ages do you coach?

I coach ages 18 and older. I also offer Life and Leadership coaching to individuals 18 years of age and above.

Why should I seek coaching?

Coaching offers many possibilities for individuals to become successful, and my coaching service offers each client a strategy partner within each session to maximize your goals toward self-actualization.

What My Clients Say