Leadership Coaching

About Leadership Coaching

I help leaders raise their levels of awareness and consciousness to improve their performance and prepare them for promotions with a tailored coaching style to fit the needs of my clients.

Leadership coaching connects leaders to their inner goal consciousness and propels them to success while providing leaders with the empathy and leadership skills they need to influence those around them.

Dr. Burton believes that coaching those who lead puts them on the path to self-awareness and aids in their increased self-awareness and decision-making.

Dr. Burton partners with leaders by first assessing their energy, “the intangible component of leadership–the mindset–how leaders show up as they lead–how leaders perform” (iPEC, 2022), and debriefs each leader on their results. This initial part of the coaching relationship will prepare leaders to understand how they ‘show up’ in everything they do, such as having conversations, giving speeches, or simply giving instructions to employees. How employees ‘see’ a leader is vital to improving leadership skills.

Dr. Burton builds a partnership coaching journey with leaders that is phenomenal. On this journey, leaders discover their personal success formulas, not because they are given to them, but because the partnership with Dr. Burton brings out inherent skills that become the tools that help them determine the formula that best fits their personal leadership journey. The journey involves leaders delving into self-leadership through disciplines such as awareness, connectedness, authenticity, presence, and more. Once leaders probe these disciplines, they head toward proficiency by continuously improving how they lead.

Join Dr. Burton by investing in your leadership. Working with her will give you the tools you need to not only lead yourself but also help you effectively lead others and put you on the road to mastery through continuous improvement. Working with Dr. Burton brings leaders to the realization that “our level of true awareness is directly related to our lack of judging” (iPEC).

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