About Life Coaching

I help individuals face their fears and embrace the courage to maximize their goals and to increase self-awareness.

Life coaching is about self-actualization that leads clients to the realization of their full potential. Too often, as individuals, we are afraid to face life and we become crippled by inertia. Life coaching provides the foundation for goal setting and strategy construction along the path to self-awareness.

Dr. Burton coaches her clients to new possibilities, calling to mind assumptions clients make throughout their lives that prevent them from reaching their goals. The core coaching method used aids in removing crippling generational interpretations and obstacles from other parts of our environment that stall our progress. Dr. Burton’s successful coaching method addresses those nagging thought processes that prevent core knowledge building.

Partner with Dr. Burton to reach the desired outcome you want in your life. The client coaching relationship is about working together and discovering the inner you–that person who longs to come forward. Invest in yourself and discover that “life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities” (iPEC, 2022).

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