About Married Women Coaching

I help married women experience joy and fulfillment with their husbands, even through challenging circumstances.

Marriage is not always easy. Staying married to the same person, even during difficult times, is challenging. Married women face unique challenges than those encountered by their male counterparts and can support each other through group coaching. Dr. Burton’s group coaching for married women will provide edgy, challenging, and deep content to stimulate married women and help them become transformed wives.

If you are experiencing some marital challenges and are committed to staying married, this is the experience you need. Join Dr. Burton and other married women in this curriculum-based marital journey that will provide content, concepts, teaching, ‘hot-seat’ coaching, open forum, and many other aspects of coaching, as you learn ways of becoming closer to your husband, while maintaining your God-given independence. You will be exposed to tools and resources such as journaling, books, links, visualization that will shift you into new and amazing thought processes regarding your marriages.

Invest in your marriages and join the next married women’s group coaching experience. Each group comprises eight to ten married women, who meet for an hour to an hour and a half every other week. Each session will have a planned framework that gives each woman the opportunity to ask questions, learn from each other, share vulnerabilities, while allowing the coach to guide the sessions by setting expectations, pair with participants, listen attentively, and establish trust among group members.

Join Dr. Burton and other married women as we learn from each other, knowing that “each person we meet is our teacher and student” (iPEC, 2022).

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