About Team Development

I help organizations, companies, and academic institutions succeed by providing teams with the tools to reach their maximum potential.

Work teams are important to organizations and provide the impetus for success. Teams are interdependent; they work together with a common purpose and structure. It is vital that organizational team members have open discussions to solve problems, makes decisions as a team, are accountable to each other and work together to achieve desired outcomes.

Team members are often comprised of diverse individuals, which may result in misunderstandings. A study reviewed by Harvard Business (2016) revealed that diverse teams may outperform homogenous ones in decision making because they process information more carefully. Diverse groups are synergistic in that they objectively question groupthink and are more aware of their personal biases.

Dr. Burton has proven success in leading and facilitating teams and is aware of the possible drawbacks associated with them. Her Everything DiSC Workplace assessment is perfect for teams because it identifies each team member’s workplace style and provides strategies for working within their styles as well as dealing with stressors associated with each style. The DiSC assessment also provides the teams the tools for effectively working together with appreciation for different work styles. The ultimate goal is building a healthier work environment and better working relationships.

Dr. Burton is a certified Everything DiSC Workplace facilitator. Schedule a consultation meeting with her and take your team and organization to the next level of excellence guided by the Everything DiSC Workplace. Your team members will discover that “anyone’s journey is as unique and valuable as any other’s journey” (iPEC, 2022), which is the spark needed for better understanding and cooperation.

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